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MMA legend and FC Hall of Famer Randy "The Natural" Couture took five minutes to speak with about his UFC 118 fight with James Toney, along with a variety of other topics. Couture also addresses working on the set of the big budget action film The Expendables, which one of his sparring partners tried to emulate James Toney, and his son's Ryan MMA aspirations.




(Editor's note: Due to audio difficulties in the opening minute of the video, a brief transcript of the interview is provided in full page mode of the story) Talk about the difference between being a coach and being a dad. Where do you draw that line?

Randy Couture: Well Dad doesn't really play into to it in this situation. You have to stay objective and do your job. You're his eyes and ears in a lot of ways on the outside. He's got a good crew of guys here at Xtreme Couture. We've been working a lot on his kickboxing. He's ready to go. He's worked hard. It should be fun.

ULTMMA: Watching him in the ring, do you see similarities to yourself? What do you see that is different?

Couture: He's got a unique style. Obviously he's fighting at 155. He's finished most of his fights by submission. He's a very good submission guy. He's got a decent wrestling background. His striking is pretty good. If, I were to categorize him he would be a submission guy.


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